Changes coming for The Badly Bent

It's fall in Durango and there are changes in the air, looking forward to a great snow year and changes once again within The Badly Bent.

Robb Brophy has decided to retire from the band so he can focus on his company, Elkhorn Mandolins.   We wish Robb the best as he gets settled into his new house and continues to create outstanding musical instruments.

So, that means The Badly Bent is once again a four piece band, at least for the time being.  Pat, Cindi, Jimmy and I will be revising our song list and reworking our harmonies.  We will miss Robb but will focus on efforts on keeping some of the songs you will recognize while adding new songs to our list.  Be looking for songs not typically thought of as bluegrass on our list.  For example, we're recently added 'Shotgun Down the Avalanche' by Shawn Colvin and debuted it on November 7 at the Strater.  It was very well received and we are excited about having Cindi take a much more substantial role in the lead singing.

What this change also means is that you won't see us performing for a while, at least until we get the song list established and arrangements in place.  We are very excited about the change and what the future holds for us.

Thanks for your continued support.